Contemporary Bird Box “Birch Bend”


Designed to attract small birds such as great tits and blue tits, made from quality exterior grade 18mm and 9mm FSC Birch plywood, treated with Pure Tung Oil. Three unique features to Amor Natura nesting boxes are they have a UV reactive acrylic rod which emits a gentle glow into the interior, internal grip grooves which aid the birds when feeding their young, grip hole (picture 10) makes it easier for the bird to enter the box and an integrated spirit level making mounting easier. (See last photo)

Nesting boxes are used all year round not just for nesting season, birds also use them to roost overnight and shelter from bad weather.






~ beautifully hand made.

~ brass drainage hole.

~ grip grooves.

~ UV reactive acrylic rod.

~ grip entry hole.

~ treated with Pure Tung Oil.

~ brass ventilation hole.

~ split batten back fixing.

~ integrated spirit level.

~ old nest easily removed.


Box designed and made by Amor Natura.

Box made to order.

Additional information

Dimensions 190 × 150 × 250 mm