All about us..

Who are we?… Amor Natura
We are a Bird, Bat and Bee Habitat Boxes manufacturer, offering a wide variety of FSC approved, high quality habitat boxes.

What does Amor Natura mean?… Love for Nature

Natural habitats are beginning to become scarce with construction sites taking over the land, so why not give a little back. Give nature a new build of your own in your garden and enjoy the pleasures they bring. Many species of insects and wildlife are sadly declining in numbers due to several factors including the removal of hedgerows and obsession with keeping the garden tidy and clean.

All our boxes are mindfully designed using the 3h philosophy. Head, heart & hands putting the occupants first, with careful consideration on all aspects.  This includes the materials used are sourced to comply with wildlife requirements and give as little impact as possible to its surroundings that it’s placed in, e.g) FSC birch plywood, Water based paints & nature friendly oils.

The boxes are very easy to mount due to its split batten fixing which make it easy to remove old nests between September and January.